World of Wheels

Big, big show this weekend, first of the year in my area. I’ll be getting photos of all kinds of vehicles, so stay tuned!

From the Header

So I’m running a straight pipe, and I took it to the shopping mall’s underground lot. Good lord, it sounds like an F1 car when it comes down from a rev spike. So fucking loud. I don’t need anything else in life.


Thanks a lot, guys. I’m sorry I’m not posting much, but it’s winter here and it’s much too cold for nice cars to frequent the streets. :( Hang in there, few more months!

I’m just gonna unfollow people who post stupid arguments against gun control. 

People who bash Civics

are annoying. You’re what’s wrong with automotive culture. It’s even worse when you don’t have a car let alone a license. Why are so many Civics shoddy looking beaters? They’re cheap. Kids with minimum wage jobs buy them. But you know what? At least they’re doing something. They’re modifying their car, they’re driving it and enjoying it.  They’re better than you, because they’re showing initiative. 


楽しい クリスマス

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, happy holidays to everyone.

Your facebook/flickr links are broken.

For some reason, it enters the URL after my tumblr URL, so simply delete my tumblr from the URL bar after you get the error message and it will work. If anyone has a solution for this, please help me out. Arigatou gozaimasu! 

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